Addendum, update

Addendum: Regarding deleted posts

As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t know if there will be future posts on Sublime Curiosity. The thought that I might be closing the cover on it made me want to prune away the fluff posts and posts that seemed stupid, unoriginal, or uninteresting, or that mam ca loc post that a few people found ignorant and disrespectful. What I should’ve done was private the posts, so them and their comments would be preserved. Whether or not I like them, they were part of the blog. Instead I deleted them, believing that, if I slept on it and changed my mind, I could restore them. Apparently not. So here’s a Wayback Machine link that should have a record of the blog as it was before I decided to put it on ice. Most of what’s gone is stuff I thought was irrelevant or uninteresting or tangential, but it’s there if you’re curious.


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