I Wrote a Book!

You may have noticed I’ve been promising new post and not actually writing them. Part of that is procrastination (of course), but the more important reason is that I’ve been working on publishing my book.

I called it Freeze. It’s a short novel, in which a man who owns a diner is trapped by a blizzard that quickly turns North Carolina from the swampy temperate state that it is into a sub-Antarctic wasteland. If you like apocalyptic fiction or disaster fiction, you might enjoy it.

You can buy the paperback edition here for $15 US, 10 British pounds, or 13 Euros. (I think.) There’s also a Kindle edition, which is $10 US.

No pressure, of course. This is meant to be just as much of an update post as a shameless advertisement. If any of you out there read it, please feel free to let me know what you thought of it.


5 thoughts on “I Wrote a Book!

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  2. Alice Rose Robinson says:

    Could you point me in the right direction to purchase said book? – So you have any thoughts on publishing your Dr. O’Brien series? That collection deserves a place on my favourites shelf. You’re an amazing author, many thanks.

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